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We pride ourselves on helping you achieve the healthiest you. Our facials are designed with multilevel treatments so you can find the perfect plan to bring out the best you!

Select a service to see a description.
An intro for those new to facials. Great for those wanting a clean-up.
With the emphasis on relaxation let us pamper you with hot towels, fan brushes, and massage


Purifying* Mild to moderate breakout 55 min. $75
Sal-X* for moderate to advanced acne 55 min. $85


Oxygen deep cleans pores and awakens skin leaving skin fresh and ready for the smoothing and reversing affects of the YOUTH firm peel
Regenerate, tighten, and tone with the power of antioxidants, hydrating botanicals, and peptides to shed away the years of oxidative stress
Enjoy the aroma of chocolate as the power of cocoa, hydrating lactic acid, and acai berry refines, restores, and brightens aging skin. Some peeling will occur post-peel

Brown Spots and Pigmentation

Skin is smoothed and toxins flushed to reveal a refreshed complexion, then vitamin C and lightening serums are infused for a luminous glow
Harness the power of 5 natural berries and TCA as they work hard on brown spots to lighten, brighten, and inhibit reoccurrence.
Same as the 5 Berry Fade with the added exfoliation and protection from vitamin A. Peeling will occur.
Multilayered enzymes exfoliate, plump, and nourish tired skin. Great glow for a special event
Restore dull lifeless skin and glow again! Includes a light peel to boost the health of your skin.
Lift and contour the face through meridian point massage while reducing stress and tension.
Start your skins repair process from the inside out and infuse serums where you need them. Resurfacing results with very little down time.
A lunch time lift that detoxifies, tones, and tightens facial muscles reversing the signs of aging
Today’s peels can be layered to provide perfect results. Using our expertise, we can use all available to us to give you the results you desire.

*results improve when performed as part of a series